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felishe asked: Interested in carrying some of your shirts in my shop. Do you do wholesale orders? Thanks!

Please email dirtylittlestylestore@gmail.com for all wholesale inquiries. Thank you!

tearmedownnn asked: hey! i was wondering where you guys are exactly, cause i sing and i would love to model for you but i live in Miami

You can still model for us! Submit us some pictures of you wearing your favorite outfit and we will post it on the site. Thanks for following!

Anonymous asked: Which dr. martens should I get? Black victorian floral, red velvet, or the mini tydee.

The black victorian florals are my favorite. I also love the vintage pairs that I have purchased over the years on ebay! Send a picture modeling them when you purchase them!

Vintage Bon Jovi groupie shirt!

Vintage Bon Jovi groupie shirt!


Please submit photos of your personal outfit and a break down of the items you are wearing! We will post photos of your outfit on the Dirty little style whore blog (right here!)

email dirtylittlestylestore@gmail.com with the following info



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List of items you are wearing

and your influences!

We will be having a huge vintage sale on the website tomorrow at 5pm. Check back in tomorrow!!!